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Portable Folding Mini Camping Survival Cooking Furnace Stove

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With this go-anywhere little stove, you really can have it all! Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to survive without the comforts of home. You can quickly and easily prepare all your camping favorites almost anywhere: soup, stew, chili, even hot cocoa for those chilly nights by the campfire. And of course, you’ll find it essential for coffee to help you get going in the morning for another day of adventure! Aluminum alloy and stainless steel components are lightweight and rugged to go with you anywhere.

  • Strong fire power with high thermal efficiency
  • Holds pots up to 18cm (7 inches)
  • Base is solid stainless steel; supports are lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Stove output: 1.680 kilocalories / 1.94kW / 6.666BTU

This astonishing stove (including the case) weighs less than a quarter of a pound – even a child can carry it with ease! Uses standard threaded backpacking gas canisters for easy and convenient refills. Built-in reliable piezoelectric ignition system (starter) will get your fire started quickly so you never have to put the brakes on the fun… whether you’re camping, tailgating or just enjoying a picnic in the city.

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