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High Quality 70 Litre Water Purifying Sterilizing Straw Sucker Outdoor Wild Field Survival Drinking Tool For Hunting,adventure Outdoor Survival Equipment.
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High quality 70 Litre water purifying sterilizing straw sucker outdoor wild field survival drinking tool for hunting,adventure outdoor survival equipment.

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This is a magic straw pipe, and it can help you to get the the most convenient Purified and Sterilized water in wild field for drinking, washing the wounds, especially when you are in long distance outdoor camping, hunting, hiking, adventure. Small Size, Small Money, but IT REALLY SAVES LIFE IN EMERGENCY --- PRIOR OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT!


1. Spit out the first mouth of water.

2. No sucking from hot water above 40 centigrade.

3. No drinking muddy water to avoid blocking of pipe.


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