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Activated Carbon Anti-Haze PM2.5 Breathing Dusk Mask

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  • Active carbon filters isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes and particulates,suitable for running, cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities,it also can be used haze day protection, anti-dust and so on
  • Mesh ventilation design, excellent permeability, double air breathing valve, air resistance is smaller,smooth breathing
  • The air filter mask is simple and lightweight,the net weight has 35g only
  • The perfect combination of ergonomics, size can be adjusted to meet the most head type.According to the person face design, keep out the bridge of the nose the following part, have the nose clip fixed, to prevent the slide
  • The mask can be washed when they get dirty,The mask filters can be replaced by yourself,simple,frugal and fun

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